Care Homes

Care Home Managers and House Keeping staff face many challenges when maintaining high standards of hygiene in client rooms and throughout the facility. Potential residents and their families must have confidence in those standards, and may look elsewhere if they encounter unpleasant odours when visiting.


Care Homes are not often the most well ventilated of environments as opening windows can cause the temperature to drop to an undesirable level. Ozone can provide you with the solution, giving you consistent freshness without the drafts! Extensive use of chemicals is often necessary, but these chemicals can cause unpleasant odours themselves, and give the impression of merely masking the problem.


We can provide you with a quick, effective, and affordable solution. Ozone eliminates odours from incontinence, vomiting, smoke, and bacteria by reacting with and destroying them at a molecular level. After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no perfumed or chemical smell. Only fresh air remains. Ozone will reach through the entirety of the room and so is also effective in sanitising areas which are physically difficult to clean, as well as bedding, carpets, fabrics, and furniture.


Possible uses include:


• Sanitising of Vacant Rooms to make ready forthe next occupant.


• Sanitisation of Occupied Rooms (the resident would need to be removed from the area for a short period of time)


• Odour Control in Hallways and sluice rooms


• Bacteria and Odour Control in Bathrooms


• Sanitisation of Kitchens


• Sanitisation of Waste Areas


• Reduction in the spread of illness


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.


Suggested Applications:


Ozone Plug-In:

The Plug In is a portable unit that can be used within corridors to maintain constant freshness and when necessary in residents’ rooms. The units operate on a timed basis producing low levels of Ozone and allowing for natural breakdown between production cycles.


Continental units are ideal for corridors and washrooms where they can be either wall or ceiling mounted. The machines will control odours within your dementia wing and communal areas and keep area fresh without the
need to open windows.


Our smallest portable room treatment machine, the Corona must be operated in an unoccupied area where it will reduce mal odour.


Our mid-priced portable generator for use in unoccupied areas, the Meridian will remove odours leaving the treatment area odour free.


Our Cubo ozone generators are light, portable and powerful. Both models come with inbuilt timers so machines can be left to operate while staff perform other tasks. After the machine has completed it’s cycle the room will be ready for immediate reoccupation. The Cubo3 programme include an Ozone destruct facility meaning the treatment area can be occupied immediately after use. The Cubo Delux model allows wifi controL and monitoring by operators or managers from a remote location.

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