Removal of unpleasant odours from the home is frequently managed by chemicals or air purifiers, which leave a strong smell themselves and are frequently merely masking the cause of the problem.


The solution needs to quick, effective, and affordable. Ozone eliminates odours by reacting at a molecular level, reacting with
and destroying them. After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no perfumed or chemical smell. Only fresh air

Ozone will reach through the entirety of the home and so is also effective in cleansing areas which are physically difficult to clean, as well as bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, fabric, and curtains.

Possible uses include:

• Removal of Pet Odours
• Removal of Smoke Odours
• Removal of Body Odour
• Removal of Toilet Odours
• Removal of Musty Damp Smells
• Cooking Smells

Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.

Suggested Applications:


The perfect product for the domestic setting the Plug in is safe to use in occupied areas as it produces small amounts of Ozone on a times basis, the plug in is powerful enough to combat most domestic odours.

This machine is not powerful enough to deal with engrained odours or to sanitise.

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