End of Tenacy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning creates many challenges when maintaining high standards of hygiene in client rooms and throughout the facility. Potential residents can easily be put off by unpleasant odour.


Extensive use of chemical cleansers is common, but these chemicals cause unpleasant odours themselves, and give the impression of merely masking the cause of the problem.

The solution needs to quick, effective, and affordable. Ozone eliminates odours from pets, smoke, cooking, alcohol, urine, bacteria and virus by reacting with and destroying them at a molecular level. After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no perfumed or chemical smell.

Only fresh air remains.

Ozone will reach through the entirety of the room and so is also effective in cleansing areas which are physically difficult to clean, as well as bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, fabric, and curtains.

Possible uses include:

• Cleansing of Vacant Rooms
• Sanitisation of Occupied Rooms
• Bacteria and Odour Control in Bathrooms
• Sanitisation of Kitchens
• Sanitisation of Waste Areas


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.

Suggested Applications:

These ozone generators are light and portable.  Both models come with inbuilt timers so that staff can get on with their work and come back to the room finding the treatment area ready to occupy and free from odour.  The Cubo Delux model allows wifi control and monitoring by operators or managers from a remote location.


This plug-in unit can be used continuously in occupied rooms to remove odours from sources such as food, tobacco, body odour, and damp.

The Meridian is our budget priced portable Ozone machine, this unit offers a range of operation times and will leave your clothes
odour free after operation


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