Fire & Flood Recovery

Whether it be a domestic home or a commercial sight, removal of smoke odours and managing mould following flood or fire can be a huge challenge.


Extensive use of chemical cleansers is common, but these chemicals cause unpleasant odours themselves, and give frequently merely mask the cause of the problem.

The solution needs to quick, effective, and affordable. Ozone eliminates odours from smoke, damp, and mould by reacting at a
molecular level and destroying them.

After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no perfumed or chemical smell.

Only fresh air remains.

Ozone also naturally oxidises mould spores and bacteria, preventing its’ development during the recovery process. Mould is killed at source, as well as spores being scrubbed from the aerial environment.

Ozone will reach through the entirety of the room and so is effective in cleansing areas which are physically difficult to clean, as well as bedding, carpets, soft furnishings, fabric, and curtains.

Possible uses include:

• Smoke and Odour Control On-Sight
• Application Separately within a Container Treated with Ozone


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.

Suggested Applications:





All of these products are suitable to use within this environment – please contact us to discuss the size of the treatment area and the nature of the contaminant so which can advise which product will be best for your needs.

These ozone generators are portable.

The Cubo Delux model allows wifi control and monitoring by operators or managers from a remote location.


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