We understand the issues that both hotels and apart hotels have in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, in a cost efficient and timely manner.


This can often be a challenge for many hotel managers and housekeeping staff. Rooms being held over due to problem odours which can arise from guests smoking, sickness, pet smells, food smells and damp carpets after baths have over flowed, will cause a loss of revenue and worse still a possible negative customer review which can greatly affect future business.


Extensive use of chemicals when cleaning is common, but these chemicals cause unpleasant odours themselves, and give the impression of merely masking the cause of the problem.


The solution needs to quick, effective, and affordable. Ozone eliminates odours by reacting at a molecular level and destroying them.


After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no perfumed or chemical smell.


Only fresh air remains.


Ozone will reach through the entirety of the room and so is also effective in sanitising areas which are physically difficult to clean, as well as bedding, carpets, fabric, and furniture.


Possible uses include:

• Removal of odours in guest bedrooms
• Sanitising areas after outbreaks of illness
• Bacteria and Odour Control in Washrooms
• Odour Removal in Communal Areas including changing rooms in gym and spa areas.
• Sanitisation of Kitchens and Odour Removal from Duct Systems
• Sanitisation and odour removal of Waste Areas


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.


Suggested Applications:


The Meridian is our budget priced portable Ozone machine, this unit offers a range of operation times and will leave your rooms odour free after operation.


Our ozone generators are light and portable. Both models come with inbuilt timers so that staff can get on with their work and come back to the room finding it ready for the guest to return.

The Cubo will sanitise the area where it is operated and because of it’s Ozone destruct facility the room will be ready for reoccupation immediately after use.

The Cubo Delux model allows wifi control and monitoring by operators or managers from a remote location.


Perfect for washrooms, the Continental will manage odours keeping the area fresh and odour free.


For use within your kitchen duct, the Odoro will remove odours from the extract, this is ideal if you are having any problem with food smells drifting into guest bedrooms.



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