Ozone in either gaseous or aqueous form is an effective biocide for use in poultry applications, and is specifically used to kill harmful bacteria, virus, and pathogens, as well as deodorising air inside poultry farms.


Gaseous ozone can powerfully remove organisms, bacteria and virus, whether airborne or on surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, working areas or ventilation systems.


Biofresh ozone systems are an attractive alternative to formaldehyde in disinfecting Poultry sheds. Unlike formaldehyde, ozone is
not carcinogenic and entry is possible to the poultry rooms immediately after the treatment cycle has been completed.


Ozonated water systems are effective in sanitising surfaces and equipment used in food processing. Equipment and utensils can
be washed in ozonated water, both to remove bacteria and chemical residues.


The solution needs to quick, effective, and affordable. After treatment ozone naturally returns to oxygen, leaving no chemical residues.

Only fresh air remains.


Possible uses include:


• Sanitisation of Poultry Rooms

• Washing of Machinery and Utensils


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.


Suggested Applications:


This water system can be used for washing of machinery, utensils and general cleaning of machinery and facilities.


This system can be used for sanitisation of storage areas to inhibit the spread of fungal disease.

Decontamination Unit:
This machine can be used to thoroughly sanitise empty poultry rooms, as an effective alternative to chemical treatments.



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