Ozone has a wide range of applications in the winery sector, replacing traditional harsh chemical applications. Biofresh ozone systems provide the opportunity to control mould and bacteria while minimising water consumption and reducing energy costs.



Possible uses include:


• Barrel Washing: Ozone is an effective approach to the problem of barrel cleansing. Unlike chemical treatments, ozone will not damage the barrels or leave any residue which may affect the taste of the wine or longevity of the barrels. Increase longevity of barrels means that ozone is a highly cost-effective solution.

• Surface and Equipment Sanitisation: Ozone is a powerful sanitiser which leaves no chemical residue or any trace material, thus avoiding any potential taste issues.

• Tank and Pipe Cleaning: Ozone is an effective solution for santisation of tanks and pipes in the winemaking process, and provides
an alternative to harsh and costly chemical treatments.

• Inhibition of Spoilage in Stored Grapes through Sanitisation of Cold Rooms: Ozone applied at low concentrations in the storage
environment is effective in inhibiting the spread of mould or disease by removing spores from the aerial environment and surrounding surfaces.


Biofresh ozone generators are simple, quick, and easy to use, requiring no chemical refills, meaning that they have minimal running costs.


Suggested Applications:



This water system can be used for washing of barrels, utensils and general cleaning of machinery and facilities.



This system can be used for sanitisation of storage areas to inhibit the spread of fungal disease and reduce spoilage losses, helping to maintain post-harvest quality of grapes



Decontamination Unit:

This machine can be used to sanitise storage areas before and empty barrels.



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