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Aquaclean is a simple plug-and-play system delivering dissolved ozone in water for a variety of disinfection and odour control applications.


The aluminium stainless steel enclosure houses a water-flow switch to provide on/off function of ozone generation. A custom designed circuit board with micro-processor seamlessly integrates each component of the system.


This compact ozone system includes diagnostic LED’s, a stainless steel ozone generator and a venturi system for an efficient mass-transfer of ozone to water.


Surface disinfection



Seafood processing

Meat processing

Poultry processing

Washing fruit and vegitables

Veterinary surgeries


Uses no chemicals

Leaves no residues

Highly effective surface sanitiser

Easy wall fitting to existing water supply

Reduce chemical and hot water usage


Plug and play

Dissolved Ozone 0.2 g/hr 0.5-0.2 PPM @ 5-11 LPM

Weight 2.7kg

Dimensions: 435mm x 275mm x 65mm

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