Our Vision

To be the most recognised brand in novel, residue-free, post-harvest solutions for food industry.

Fresh Produce

Since 2003 Biofresh has led the way in chemical free treatments for the Fresh Produce industry. Starting with ethylene sprout control systems for potatoes and onions, along with Ozone management systems to reduce spoilage.

Sanitisation & Odour Removal

Biofresh Clean has expanded this technology into a wider field of applications requiring sanitisation and odour control, such as Restaurants, Hotels, Wineries, Cheese, Fish, Schools, Care Homes, Pet Odours, Public Toilets.


Biofresh Ozone Technology - I would not be without it

I was one of the early adopters of the Biofresh Ozone technology and I continue to be delighted with the results. My produce lasts longer and shows less disease and I don't have to travel to market as often so I save time and transportation costs as well. The equipment took no more than a few minutes to install and the benefits were obvious within a few days. I consider myself to be in a win, win situation...

Justin Smart
Secondary Wholesaler, Hexham, UK

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