Biofresh Gold Partner at the International Cherry Symposium

Biofresh will be a Gold partner of the International Cherry Symposium to be held on May 22nd and 23rd in Vignola, Italy, showcasing our success with ozone on cherries.


"The occasion will be useful to present our applications with low environmental impact, which go hand in hand with all fruit and vegetable production and particularly cherries, a high added value fruit that can obtain significant benefits from storage in the cell with low ozone levels", Luciano Fontana, Biofresh's sales manager for Italy, told Italiafruit News .


The advantage on cherries is clearly illustrated in the photograph shown here, which compares two punnets from the same batch, preserved with or without ozone. The photo shows cherries kept four weeks in a cold room with low ozone concentrations (right). The difference, in terms of freshness and health, is evident when compared to the fruit without ozone (on the left).


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