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Microprocessor controlled ozone system with built-in soft start and self-diagnostic capability.


Simple control supported by full system monitoring indicators. Ozone production up to 18g per hour. Separately controlled ozone and oxygen production with independent gas outlet.


Welded stainless steel tubing frame and water safe stainless exterior. Designed for easy service access and maintenance.


Max dissolved ozone water 8.0ppm with a water pressure of 30lt x min Max, water inlet pressure 20psi - 1.5bar.


Seafood processing

Meat and poultry processing

Winery and breweries

Barrique and tank

Fishing vessels

Surface sanitation of floors and walls


Food productions, packing areas and silos


Shopping malls and public toilets

Gym and spa

Cold rooms

Cruise liners and hotels

Refrigerated trucks


Uses no chemicals

Leaves no residues

Highly effective surface sanitiser

Seperately controlled ozone and oxygen gas outlet

Reduce chemical and hot water usage

Mobile system for easy application


Ozone created using pure oxygen

Easy to use button controls

No chemical additives required

Dissolved ozone

18g/hr dissolved ozone

Output 8ppm @ 35 LPM

Weight 72.5kg

Dimensions: 1400mm x 520mm x 668mm

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