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The Biofresh Ozo3Cab is an ozone cabinet is perfect for all your odour removal and sanitizing needs, odour removal for work uniforms, costume hire and theatres and after fire damage. The Ozo3Cabt supplies you with a selection of programmes designed to work on items from footwear through to textiles and low, medium and heavy odours.


The cabinet is transportable and on castors so it can be used in any area where there is access to an electrical socket, Ozone is produced within the cabinet and then destroyed with no requirement for external ventilation. 



Deoderisation of garments or footware

Cleaning of work uniforms

Deoderisation of costume hire

Sanitisation of theatres costume

Fire recovery

Sports uniform and equipment sanitisation


Eliminates odours


Uses no chemicals or perfumed smells


Leaves no residues


Only requires an electrical socket, with no gas, chemical or fuel required.


Ozone destruct facility means no need for external vent, preset programmes for varying depths of odour.


Integrated ozone sensor monitors levels during the treatment cycle to comply with Health & Safety monitoring requirements



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